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Trade Show 2024

A heartfelt thank you to everyone at the RFABC, the dedicated organizers, venue staff, vendors, fellow members, and delegates for making this tradeshow an incredible experience.

We truly appreciated all the visits to our "Your Home Team" booth and the engaging conversations we had with each of you.

We're excited to collaborate with you on your next vision and can't wait to see what the future holds.



On Top of Our Game

Triad Sign is overjoyed to have been chosen to supply channel letter signs for the spectacular new Vancouver Canucks scoreboard at Rogers Place. It's more than just a project; it's a testament to our commitment to elevating iconic spaces with our craftsmanship.

We take immense pride in being the home team for this Vancouver Canuck Phase 2 Project, contributing to the visual experience of this beloved team and its home arena.


The partnership not only highlights the precision and quality that define Triad Sign but also reinforces our dedication to showcasing the spirit and pride of British Columbia through our signage.

We look forward to seeing our work shine brightly on the new scoreboard, adding to the exhilarating atmosphere at Rogers Place and supporting the Vancouver Canucks at Home

Triad Sign
Triad Sign 30 Years Logo

Trusted Sign Industry Partners

For Over 30 Years

Since its establishment in 1992, Triad Sign has consistently distinguished itself through its dedicated focus on the rapid production, expert installation, and top-notch service of high-quality signage. With a commitment to excellence, we cater to the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and a multitude of industry partners.

Triad Sign stands as a beacon of reliability, offering its clients signage that not only exemplifies superior craftsmanship but is also delivered promptly, all while ensuring competitive pricing. Our unwavering dedication to quality and efficiency sets us apart in the dynamic landscape of the signage industry.

Over the years, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the numerous clients who have entrusted us with their projects. It is through their ongoing support that Triad Sign has flourished and evolved. As we reflect on our journey, we look forward to continuing to exceed expectations, providing the same level of unwavering support to you as you embark on your next project.

Whether you are an individual seeking a distinctive sign, a business aiming to enhance its brand visibility, or an industry partner in need of a reliable signage solution, Triad Sign remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering unparalleled service and premium-quality signage. We invite you to experience the Triad Sign difference as we collaborate on bringing your vision to life.


Licensed Contractor

An Illuminated Fusion

In the heart of Victoria, The MeeT Hospitality Group aimed to enhance its presence with a striking sign.


Entrusting the task to Triad Sign, recognized for their innovation, a seamless fusion of neon's timeless charm and LED's modern brilliance emerged.

Open faced channel lettering, MeeT, is lit by candescent looking LED bulbs while the restaurants location glows brightly in open neon script.

As the sign illuminated the streets, a captivating glow pulsated, embodying the transformative magic born from the thoughtful merger of artistry,  technology and client considerations at Triad Sign.

Triad Sign | Effecient LED Lighting

Retrofitting Signs to
Efficient LED Lighting

LED replacement lighting in signage stands out as a superior choice for multiple compelling reasons.


From an environmental perspective, LEDs are more eco-friendly than traditional lighting options due to their energy efficiency. LED lights consume significantly less energy, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with signage illumination. This not only contributes to lower greenhouse gas emissions but also aligns with sustainable practices, making LED replacement lighting a more environmentally conscious option.


Economically, LEDs prove to be a wise investment over time. Their energy efficiency leads to lower electricity bills, translating into cost savings for businesses.


Additionally, the longevity of LED lights significantly reduces the frequency of replacements, lowering maintenance costs and minimizing the environmental impact of discarded materials.


Moreover, the brightness of LED signage is unparalleled, providing clear visibility even in challenging lighting conditions. The superior luminosity not only enhances the visual appeal of signs but also improves safety and visibility for businesses, ultimately reducing the need for service calls and ensuring a more reliable and efficient signage system.

Can my signs be converted to LED?

Yes! The majority of signs can be converted by Triad Sign to LED lighting without buying new signs or without the removal of your current signage.

What are the benefits of  LED sign conversion?

LED sign conversion can reduce your electrical bills, brighten your sign, and will lower your company's environmental impact.


How long does it take to convert a sign to LED?

With a wide variety of LED lighting products Triad Sign in most cases can have your sign converted within a few hours.

How much does an LED sign conversion cost?

The cost of LEDs are contining to drop as more companies switch to it as a reliable source of efficient lighting.

LED FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


 Collaborative Brilliance

Triad Sign takes immense pride in its ability to excel in collaborative ventures, working seamlessly with artists, project managers, and ownership to breathe life into their creative visions. A shining illustration of this proficiency is the successful partnership with Phillips Brewing on their neon sign project.


By fostering an environment that encourages open communication and a shared commitment to excellence, Triad Sign was able to turn the creative aspirations of the artist, into a tangible and visually stunning reality. This project stands as a testament to our team's dedication to transforming ideas into impactful visual expressions, leaving a lasting impression on both our clients and the communities we serve.

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